Mr. Keller

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Husband of Mis' Keller.  Is not mentioned except in the one episode.  I'd GUESS there is a very good chance we are missing an episode where he passed away, probably in 1940.

Mis' Gisser

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Sade gossiped about her; she didn't do any spring cleaning. (May 11, 1937)

Mis' Henry

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Was the first President of the Thimble Club in 1933. - FROM AN UNKNOWN EPISODE.

Garvey Mullery Jr.

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Married a woman 56 years old. Made a pair of handcuffs out of strawberry pop bottle caps and then used them to handcuff his father. - FROM AN UNKNOWN EPISODE.

Second Lieutenant Bob Wamboldt

Fictional book hero who preceded Third Lieutenant Stanley; there are no surviving notes of any kind about his exploits.  All we know is that he  - like Third Lieutenant Clinton Stanley - was named after show's producers (and Wamboldt came before Stanley). - from unknown episodes