Blue Tooth Johnson

imagined photo

Rush's friend, he telephones Rush often.  His real name is William Gazelle JohnsonHas a basketball hoop in his back yard.  Tends to be a bit clumsy.  Is a show-offIs sensitive and high strungOnce fell off the Gook kitchen chairBought a book: 36 Ways to Make a Million Dollars.  He is a very careful and precise personOnce hid under the Gook davenport. A fan of Third Lieutenant Stanley booksWanted to sue the Bijou theater because of a defective seat. Before that, he had wanted to sue the Butler House Hotel. Was invited over to the Gook house to study algebra. A member of the Virginia Avenue Area Sons of Patriotism Salvage Indemnity. Was to be hired to run errands at the Brainfeeble housewarming party.  Like Rooster Davis, Rush says his real first name too is "Edwin." (Although Russell later said his real first name was "Albert.") Almost got into a fist fight with Heinie CallGets an enormous thrill out of playing dominoesFound a 1939 dime. Seems to have a thing for Mildred TisdaleHis father works for the Chicago-Alton railroadTook his whole Sunday School class to lunch at the Butler House Hotel Restaurant.  Was sitting in study hall at 2:15 and went to sleep and fell out of his seat and landed on Leland Richard's foot that stuck out in the aisle - Leland Richards, Mildred Tisdel and Eunice Raypole hollered in fright.  Called on in class by Mis' Monroe but his upper jaw was glued to his lower jaw by some homemade taffy; was sent to Mr. Chinbunny's office where his taffy was confiscated. Had a scheme with Russell to put a dollar in the church offering but was to make it look like a lot more moneyTraded a bicycle pump for a doghouse; the trade was made solely in order to make people believe he had a dogEnjoys making a mystery out of things.