Fred (Ted) Stembottom

imagined photo

Lives on University Avenue.  He and his wife Ruthie often play "500" with the Gooks. He made Vic mad by insulting him about his job at Consolidated Kitchenware. He is a huge fan of Dizzy Dean, the baseball pitcher and keeps a scrapbook about him.  In the early days of the show, used to work as a clerkHe works at the foundry as a foreman. He tends to have flat tires on his automobile. Wanted to have the Gooks come over and play "500" and in the process have Vic help him change automobile tires.  Usually takes his shoes off as soon as he walks in the Gook household.  When he brings ice cream to the Gook house for the "500" games (which seems to be always), he makes sure that he eats whatever ice cream remains. Deviously attempts to try and trick Vic into getting him to destroy his concrete partition in the basement under the guise of "500."  Uncle Fletcher refers to him as "Ted."  Doesn't like butterscotch, maple, caramel or tutti-fruity icecream but likes chocolate and strawberryApparently, his car has 2 different horns. His wife claims he steals olives at the cafeteria by hiding them inside his mashed potatoes. Said he might be talked into joining the lodge. He is usually grumpy and on edge. Was wittling 144 gavels for Sade out of scrap wood given to him by Harry McWilliams. Tried to trick Vic into helping him lay a concrete floor in his garage. Sade is afraid Fred and Chuck Brainfeeble won't get along. Has a green bungalow birdhouse in his backyard.  After trying not to call him "Ted", it seems the Gooks have given it up and call him "Ted" anywaySade accepted an invitation to the Stembottom house so that Vic could rotate Fred's tires, straighten his fenders and other things.  His salary was $32 a week but it's unknown what year this was said (probably early in the series.)  Made history when all four of his car tires went flat at onceUsed "500" game to try and trick Vic over to his house in order for him to strip down his dead storage vehicleUncle Fletcher once referred to him as 'Red.'  Referred to as "stubborn" and "bullheaded."