Uncle Fletcher Rush

Actor Clarence Hartzell is asked "What kind of a man was Uncle Fletcher?" (((HEAR)))

Courtesy of Eric Scales

Sade's eccentric uncle. Born in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

Mentioned a lot early in the series, shows up in this episode of the surviving audio episodes.  Vic claims that Uncle Fletcher is hard of hearing and can't see "three feet in front of his face." He sends Sade a blue hair ribbon every Christmas because he still thinks of her as a little girl. Sent the family unusual gifts for Christmas, 1934.  Sade says he used to teach country school when he was a young manHe called Mis' Husher to announce he was on his way (to the Gooks' house.)   Promised to send Rush a watch for his Junior High Graduation. Keeps old paintings at the Gook home. Ordered a box of chocolates C.O.D. from the Greek to be delivered to Sade before his first visitYelled out the window (probably disturbing Mr. Donahue.)  Painted a large sign showing the Gook's address (although it was the wrong address!)  Nailed himself to a chair.  Sent for his rocking chair from Mis' Keller. Took flowers from Mis' Donahue's flower garden and presented them to SadeHe used to belong to so many clubs and organizations that he spent $200 a year on duesTies his shoes only one-third of the way up - (although in another episode he claimed he tied his shoes only half-way up.)  He used to work on the railroad gang in Iowa but he denies vehemently that he's ever been to Boone, Iowa -- although strong evidence seems to supply a much different story. Also denies being in East St. Louis.  Is very thoughtful and kind.  Loves popcorn - "Popcorn hits the spot" as he says.  Seems to have a bad memory or is just plain crazy.  Carries a huge amount of keys with himLent Rush a hammock.  Gets up at 5:30 in the morning.  Revealed that it's considered good luck to use your shoe to wipe mashed potatoes off your chin.  Isn't very fond of Dottie Brainfeeble, but then who is except Sade and Chuck?  Was hoping to sue the Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Father Tea Shoppy because he had eaten three weenie sandwiches before he noticed that there were no condiments on themWorks as the substitute milk deliverer for Snow and Palmer Dairy.  Owns interest (with B.B. Baugh) in a peanut vending machine at the interurban station.  Works as a substitute ticket taker at the Bijou.  Watches Kelly Morse's gas station when he goes to lunchDoes not "Frip, frap, gossip or druel!"  Was offered a job at the Five and Ten Cent store playing the piano - even though he can't play the piano (although he claims to know how to play "Ding Dong Dell, Pussy's in the Well").   Has been known to hide things behind picture frames. Stayed in Hank Gutstop's bridal suit(e) at the Butler House Hotel for two weeks to watch Hank's pets while he is on vacationWas asked to be the 'best man' at Mis' Keller's wedding.  Wanted to hire Rishigan Fishigan to be a guide for the honeymoon coupleCan understand horses, tractors, peanut vending machines (he can take one apart and put them back together blindfolded) and he can shim up a railroad track and install ankle bolts and solder grips as quick as any man in the businessSays he engineered the entire romance between Dwight Twentysixler and Mis' HarrisRetrieved Frida Call's broken piano and put it back together in order that Rush could take lessons on itMade plans with Roy Dejectedly to invest $9.00 in the Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Feather Tea ShoppyHad an argument with Mis' Keller over his stinky hyena grease, which she threw out.  He gave his 6 month notice; but later, they made upCarried around peanut brittle in his overalls pocket for a couple months until it turned sourWas to send three bulldogs to Rush but Sade and Vic instantly freaked out.  Is afraid of telegramsSent newspaper clippings to Vic when Vic was in Eu Claire, Wisonsin.  Once devised a way to siphon (free) peanuts out of a peanut machine.  He siphoned so many one year that the Illinois Central Packing Company failed to declare a dividend [from an unknown episode.] Appointed to be a 'special deputy' by Mayor Greecham to make crowds stand back when people faint. Bought a red woolen blanket for HowardGave Vic a large box of cigars that he had collected over time from interesting peopleSmokes cigars.

[Played by Clarence Hartzell]

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