Rush Gook

Bill Idelson

The adopted son of Vic and Sade Gook. Was born in either 1926 or 1927 according to the chronology of the series.  In December 1939 he is 14 years old.   He is enemies with Nicer Scott.  Is a big fan of the 3rd Lieutenant Clinton Stanley books.  Enjoys going to Tapman's vacant lot (usually to play baseball - he's a fine third baseman.)  And he mentioned that one time he pitched 14 innings, so sometimes he's a pitcher too.  But you know what... he also has a first baseman's mitt, so he also obviously plays first base. Enjoys going to the Bijou Theatre to see Four-Fisted Frank Fuddleman and Gloria Golden films. Sometimes goes to the YMCA to play on the gymnastic equipment or to watch fat men play handball or perhaps the handmen play fatball. At times, will go over to LeRoy Snow's basement and they will crack nutsSometimes goes over to shoot baskets in Blue Tooth Johnson's backyardOnce threw Smelly Clark's shoes on top of the Call roof across the street.  Referred to as "Eliza" in an letter to Vic from H.K. FleeberIs more partial to string beans than to kidney beans.  As of 1941, had traveled to Chicago more than 12 times. Once had more than $7. Has never been west of Peoria, Illinois.  Likes pie. With Blue Tooth Johnson, Vernon Peggles and former-enemy Nicer Scott, formed the Virginia Avenue Area Sons of Patriotism Salvage IndemnityReferred to as "Ruth" in a telephone call from the Hink twins and their family. Rush weighs 118 pounds when stripped and has blue or hazel eyes.  


[Played by Bill Idelson]