Mis' Harris

imagined photo

Is from Decatur, Illinois. Runs a rooming house across the alley from the Gooks on University Street.  Sade saw her while Christmas shopping in Yamilton'sSade made a flower garden arrangement for her. Offered to let the Gooks take care of her vegetable gardenShe goes to Park End Church. Her telephone number is #7761-L. Sells Christmas cardsAs of August 1939, she doesn't belong to the Thimble Club. Later joins the Thimble ClubGave away buyer's choice of a lemonade stirrer or a map of Montana with each two dozen Christmas card purchased. Has a chicken coop in her back yardWanted to get rid of her roomer, Mr. Overholt and Sade promised to get Vic to evict him.  Has "a heart as soft as butter," according to Sade.  Is a widow. Has a married son named Harold who almost drowned in Rose Willow CreekRaises cabbage and turns it into sauerkraut, which she sells.  Wanted to raise pansies in the Gook yard and Sade refused, causing tension between the two.


In Series 2, she became a real character, played by Dolly Day.

Her father is Mr. Sprawl, an elderly gentleman who she watched out for and became upset at Uncle Fletcher for him prodding her father back to his house when he was actually trying to go to the grocery store. Her first name is Florence.  She claims she was born in Decatur, Illinois.  She does not trust Jimmy Custard as she would not let him in her house to do his calistokingEngaged to be married to Dwight Twentysixler.