Mis' (Leiota) Keller

imagined photo

Landlady of Uncle Fletcher.  Has a lot photographs.  Is a widow.  At one time was referred to as 'Geraldine Laura Keller.'  Was once admitted to the Ohio Home for the Agreeable.  In 1941, she has grey hair, was 56 years old and weighed 165 pounds, (one time 166 pounds) according to Uncle Fletcher. She has relatives in most every state. Talented enough to be able to weave EZ slippers out of straw (for Vic's Christmas present in 1940.)  In 1941 may have had a relationship with Rishigan FishiganHer telephone number is #5697-J.  Uncle Fletcher is often quoted as saying that she: "Eats 3 hearty meals a day and keeps her trap shut."   She may have been invited to be a member of the Thimble ClubHer daughter is Florence Upksutch, who is married to EmmettFixed special turnip greens for Uncle Fletcher.  There's a man in Yellow Jump, North Dakota that is vying for her attentionShe accepted Mr. Feedburn's proposal to get married.  Owns 100 chickensHer first name is LeiotaInexplicably referred to as 'Annabel'Was to go away for five days and was going to leave all of Uncle Fletcher's prepared meals out for him.  Came to Gook house to confront Uncle Fletcher for his open rebellion and broke railing and furniture on porch in a show of violenceHas a brother who lives in Dismal Seepage, Ohio that she plannned on visiting in the winter of 1946-47.  He has 5 children, all girls.  Made a schedule and arranged meals with the neighbors (and people of out state) for Fletcher.


In Series 3, she was played by actress Viola Berwick.