Martin Jordle

imagined photo

Went to prison for 40 years because his wife signed a paper that was brought to her door. No one knows why Martin was sent away. He was afraid to sign things after that - the governor sent him a pardon and he wouldn't sign it. Dottie Brainfeeble sent him fudge while in prison, so he must be friends with herHe, his wife and children ran barefooted with a baked apple from Kingston, Illinois to Dekalb, Illinois. He tried to invent a violin you play by mouthUncle Fletcher says he is from Sycamore, Illinois.  He helped bury Anderson L. McFlutcher, who had got caught between two cyclones.  He gave up the chewing gum habit in favor of sleeve garters.  He repudiated the existence of the automobile in 1909.  Shot his uncle by mistake. In 1911, gave up salt and pepper.  A farmer seven miles northwest of Sycamore, he was bothered by too many people coming out for supper evenings. They'd come out from Kingston and Kirkland and Genoa there in droves for supper.  Martin's wife Alvira was such a delicious cook.  Know what Martin done to curb that heavy run of moochers?  He bought twenty-seven fierce bulls.  He set them twenty-seven fierce bulls to grazing in his front yard. the number of people coming out for supper evenings dropped off something wonderful.  Martin Jordle of Sycamore, Illinois could talk the language of the horse.  ‘Give me a match, Walter,' he'd say in horse-talk and his horse would scratch around in the stable looking for a match."