Rishigan Fishigan (aka Ishigan Fishigan)

from Fishigan, Michigan

Friend of Mr. Buller; the first time he is mentioned on the show he is referred to as "Ishigan Fishigan, from Sishigan, Michigan." His name was on Mr. Buller's list of presents for Sade to buy for. Was worried about a train running into the Bright Kentucky Hotel. Lives in the Bright Kentucky Hotel. Was part of the original revel partyProbably enjoys parades as he gave the name of a parade publication to VicIs a friend of Mis' Neagle. He was to act as waterboy when Mis' Neagle tore up Lee Street. Invited to Hank Gutstop's dinner partyHas a tattoo on his arm that shows his true name: "Jorrigan Corrigan from Borrigan, Oregon." Was to be hired by Uncle Fletcher to be a guide for Mis' Keller and Mr. Feedburn after their wedding. Mentioned by Uncle Fletcher as a person who is known to sleep on the courthouse lawn during the warmer weather. Came by the Gook home to see if they needed their windows washed. Built a penthouse on top of the Bright Kentucky Hotel. Married Jayne Bayne (from Payne, Maine.)  They wanted to spend their honeymoon in the penthouse of the Bright Kentucky Hotel but there was no stairway leading up to it. The only way to get up to the penthouse was a drainpipe.  And no self-respecting woman is going to shimmy up a drain pipe. [The stairs were removed because they were either struck by a train or because hotel management was afraid the stairs would be struck by a train.]  When the trains went by, his bed would often move across the room and out into the hall, especially if it was a long train.  Had a romance with Mis' Keller and would say "You are beautiful tonight, Helene." When he would meet Sade in town he stopped dead in his tracks, clicked his heels together, swept off his hat, bowed almost to the ground and said: "Madame, madame, a pleasure, madame." Vic told a strange story about himAn article from 1943 states that Rishigan was the owner of the Bright Kentucky Hotel.


Became a real character in Series 3.

{{{HEAR}}} Clarence Hartzell talks about Rishigan Fishigan and his wife.