Rooster Davis

imagined photo

Brother of Rotten Davis. Their father holds a high position in the Lofty Horsemen of the Five Continents lodge. Read a book about a French explorer who wilted in the Sahara Desert until he turned into a pool of liquid. The natives who came looking for him scooped him up in a bottle and sent it to France to be properly buriedTore his pants that Sade stitched up.  Had all kinds of things in his pocket: a piece of green chalk, an ink eraser, 11 cents, a little book about cook stoves and how to fix them, a horseshoe nail,a comb with no teeth, a hinge, a heel plate and a hunting license for Ohio dated 1914Planned to ride bikes with Rush. He wrote a verse about Heinie Call because he wouldn't fightHe is interested in Rush's party ideas. He and Rush make arrangements to go to the movies. The Last time he complimented someone was 1935. His real name is "Edwin." He is President of the Boys Nitroglycerin Pep Club. When he goes to the movies, he puts his Bijou ticket stub in his hat band so that people know he's attending the theater. Had an idea about using a live pig and slicing bacon off of it in a restaurant. When he was 13, he ran an errand (clean on the other side of town) for Mis' Appelrot, who told him to wash his ears, called him a "little boy" and then gave him a nickel. Gave Russell a five cent key ring. Was a member of the "Blue Light Sunday School" class.  Use to be good friends with Allen "Fat" Johnson. Was to buy out a whole section of Bijou seats and have it roped off with a sign that read, "Mr. Davis."  Was to show up wearing a long coat with a fur collar and was to amuse and astound the audience.