Ruthie Stembottom

imagined photo

Lives on University Avenue. Sade's best friend (Sade knows her 'like a book'/like her 'big toe') and member of the Thimble Club, although once quit the Thimble Club over an argument with Mis' Appelrot.  Her phone number is #2572 X.  In 1932, had her hair cut into a bob. She's been cutting women's hair since 1922Her father died in New York City so she cries every time she hears the city nameShe was so proud of her brother-in-law Melvin getting a job tearing up streets that she and his friends went over in their cars to honk everytime he did something special with his shovel. Owed Sade copious amounts of money over the years - at one time a dollar and another time $9. She and her husband Fred often play "500" with the Gooks. As of April 1939, had never been introduced to Miss Harris. Takes advantage of washrag sales. She has small feet. As of July 1940 Vic says she is 37 years old. Sade thinks she secretly wears glasses. According to Sade, doesn't like Mis' Appelrot. Told Mis' Appelrot off in the underwear department of Yamilton's, then quit the Thimble Club. Usually doesn't "get" jokes. Usually lets little things bother her. As of episode 42-30-xx Miz' Appelrot's Petition, we know she's back in the Thimble Club. She once took fancy to Vic's Exalted Big Dipper lodge robe and wanted to pattern a dress out of the design but Vic squashed those plans. Has a green bungalow birdhouse in her backyard. At the big Yamilton's sale, she bought a "jug" of Moonlight on the Susquehanna River perfume for Fred's cousin.She is bashful around people but Sade says she is a comedienne around them.  Sade says, "People stimulate Ruthie." Bought peanuts for Vic and Fred when they were to work on the Stembottom's car. Had a bad argument with Mr. Kroucher but later made up with himWas kicked at a dangerous washrag sale.


(aka Lady, Third Lieutenant Stanley, Dr. Sleech, Lady du Wadey)