Nicer Scott

imagined part-time menace

Real name is "Harper".  Got his nickname when the neighborhood boys found a love note he had written to Mildred Tisdale. (Info from the John Hetherinton book, no date). His Uncle Frank gave him a ten dollar bill (and Rush has his eyes on it, hoping to help Nicer spend it.)  The Gooks gave a party in his honor. He claims to be acquainted with 2,108,697,483 people. He has relatives in: Mena Arkansas, Cleveland Ohio, Somerset Kentucky and Sheridan Indiana. By the time episode "40-04-10 Nicer to Sleep Over for Two Weeks" rolls around, Nicer and Rush are enemies but we don't have an explanation why because of lost episodes.  Claims he can unfry an egg!  Is an extreme braggart and makes up stories about himself, including claiming he has blood from all kinds of different races of people in his body and knowing the number of hairs on his head. Made a bunch of ridiculous claims that made Rush so mad that he punched him. Rush was tempted to punch him when he stepped on his heel as he got a drink from the water fountain at school. Rush wanted to "Wang him upside the bean" after he humiliated Rush by telling everyone in the neighborhood that Rush used baby eating utensils. Set aside his differences with Rush and became a member of the Virginia Avenue Area Sons of Patriotism Salvage Indemnity. Was hit one upside the snoot by Mildred Tisdale. Claims to have no sense of taste.  Claims to have 89 pair of pants in a cold storage vault in Burlington, Iowa.