Greek (aka 'The Greek', aka Nick Cappolosius)

imagined photo

Large man of Greek heritage who owns a combination confectionary/restaurant downtown.  His real name is Nick Cappolosius.  He called the Gooks to say Uncle Fletcher had ordered Sade a big box of chocolates C.O.D.  He is often frustrated by Rush and his friends who visit there before and after visiting the Bijou to drink water and an occasional soda.

The Greek is a prudent manager of his candy kitchen. His interest is in the hospitality of his establishment, so he is persistently cordial to his snacking guests. They feel welcome while they are enjoying the confections he creates – but his attentiveness doesn’t encourage them to linger long after they’re finished. He is wise to a deadbeat (Rush and his friends nursing their sundaes), but open to unusual business opportunities (Rotten Davis’s cherry syrup). He may appear to be a pushover, but the Greek knows his business. - Sarah Cole